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Оригінали документів УПОВ англійською мовою

  1. TGP/0 List of TGP Documents and Latest Issue Dates
  2. TGP/1 General Introduction With Explanations
  3. TGP/2 List of Test Guidelines Adopted by UPOV
  4. TGP/3 Varieties of Common Knowledge
  5. TGP/4 Constitution and Maintenance of Variety Collections
  6. TGP/5 Experience and Cooperation in DUS Testing
  7. TGP/5/INTRO Introduction
  8. TGP/5/SECTION/1 Model Administrative Agreement for International Cooperation in the Testing of Varieties
  9. TGP/5/SECTION/2 UPOV Model Form for the Application for Plant Breeders' Rights
  10. TGP/5/SECTION/3 Technical Questionnaire to be Completed in Connection with an Application for Plant Breeders' Rights
  11. TGP/5/SECTION/4 UPOV Model Form for the Designation of the Sample of the Variety
  12. TGP/5/SECTION/5 UPOV Request for Examination Results and UPOV Answer to the Request for Examination Results
  13. TGP/5/SECTION/6 UPOV Report on Technical Examination and UPOV Variety Description
  14. TGP/5/SECTION/7 UPOV Interim Report on Technical Examination
  15. TGP/5/SECTION/8 Cooperation in Examination
  16. TGP/5/SECTION/9 List of Species in Which Practical Knowledge has Been Acquired or for Which National Test Guidelines Have Been Established
  17. TGP/5/SECTION/10 Notification of Additional Characteristics and States of Expression
  18. TGP/5/SECTION/11 Examples of Policies and Contracts for Material Submitted by the Breeder
  19. TGP/6 Arrangements for DUS Testing
  20. TGP/6/SECTION/1 Introduction
  21. TGP/6/SECTION/2 Examples of Arrangements for DUS Testing
  22. TGP/6/SECTION/3 Declaration on the Conditions for the Examination of a Variety Based on Trials Carried Out by or on behalf of Breeders
  23. TGP/7 Development of Test Guidelines
  24. TGP/8 Trial Design and Techniques Used in the Examination of Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability
  25. TGP/9 Examining Distinctness
  26. TGP/10 Examining Uniformity
  27. TGP/11 Examining Stability
  28. TGP/12 Guidance on Certain Physiological Characteristics
  29. TGP/13 Guidance for New Types and Species
  30. TGP/14 Glossary of Terms Used in UPOV Documents
  31. TGP/14/SUPPLEMENT Supplement to "Glossary of Terms Used in UPOV Documents"
  32. TGP/15 Guidance on the Use of Biochemical and Molecular Markers in the Examination of Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS)

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