Applicant’s account


Service-office "Applicant’s account" is designed to display information uninterruptedly, regarding the application for plant variety examination as well as to provide communication between the expert institution and applicants or their representatives.

In personal account applicant (representative) has the ability to track the actions over the application for plant variety registration, according to the parameters: list of varieties, the names of botanical taxons and cultivars, application number and date, code of the applicant, messages, expert conclusions, etc.

In accordance with the UIPVE order №95-ОД dated 02.04.2018 "On the appointment of “Applicant’s account” administrator and operator:

• UIPVE appointed Senior Researcher of the Scientific Information Department Orlenko Natalia S. (contact phone: +38 (044) 258-34-56, internal #138) as administrator of the program module "Applicant's account";

• UIPVE appointed Research Assistant of the Scientific Information Department Maslechkin Vasyl V. (phone: +38 (044) 258-34-56, internal #138) as operator of software module “Applicant's account”.