Department of scientific and technical information


Department of scientific and technical information

The main tasks of the Department are the following: .

conducting of works concerning development, maintaining and administration of the data bases,

management of the infrastructure and securing of the computer network safety,

projects, programming and maintaining of the informatics systems, programs and procedures enabling access to data and their processing,

entering of the systems and programs into operation,

securing of the data safety,

conducting of works concerning development of the adoption of informatics in the variety assessment,

creation, updating and publication of the COBORU website,

realization of the purchase of the data processing equipment

Yevhen Starychenko

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Head of the Department

  • tel. +38 (044) 258 - 34 - 56
  •  internal tel: 333

 Kostiantyn Mazhuha

Deputy head of department:

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  • tel.: +38(044) 258 - 34 - 56
  • internal tel.333

SubDepartment of Mathematical simulation and Database management system

The main activities of the sub department:

  • to apply methods and tools of information technologies in the field of variety research, variety testing and variety certification, 
  • planning and management of economic processes of UIPVE;
  • to analys and use  mathematical models, software engineering tools in the field of plant varieties qualification examination ;
  • to analys and synthes of information systems and information processing technologies; 
  • design, maintenance and administration of databases and data warehouses;
  • to development  architectural solutions and interfaces of the software system, which agrred 
  • with  UIPVE`s requirements and available resources.

Oleksandr Yakopchuk

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Heard of sub department

  • tel.: +38(044) 258 - 34 - 56
  • internal tel.138

Nataliia Orlenko

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Senior Research Scientist, PhD., 

 Associate professor 

  • tel.: +38(044) 258 - 34 - 56
  • internal tel.333

Bogdan Makarchuk

Senior Research Scientist
  • inside: 321

SubDepartment of informatization

Main activities of the sub department:

  • to analys and synthes of human-computer interaction and communication systems;
  • standardization and certification of the software component of information technologies;
  • to analys  hardware and software which  suitable for use in field and laboratory research in the field of variety testing;
  • ensuring proper operation and uninterrupted operation of computer equipment;
  • ensuring the protection of UIPVE   data;
  • organization of maintenance and repair of PCs, office equipment and telecommunications.

Oleksiy Martynov

Research Scientist

Vasyl Maslechkin

As. Research Scientist